Of sandwich, caffeine, nicotine, friendship and love.

 After some long days and perhaps weeks and months of not having to meet some college friends, because first, I'd been busy doing nothing (LOL)...second, I'd been attacked with this non-clinical depression (of what? dunno) but like a fever with an unknown origin it will just subside and disappear unnoticed. Yesterday, Avec PM me at facebook and asked me to go out for lunch and sip some coffee after wards. I asked if there's a problem she said non, I took it from there and said "count me in" i would love to catch up and hear and tell stories.

It was a lazy-rainy-dull Wednesday. Perfect to to just hang around and do nothing but to laugh and share stories, old and new. Since I don't really eat too much for lunch due to my self-made diet regimen we decided to meet at the Starbucks on the SM sky garden instead and grab something to eat there and at the same time take our precious coffee. I am excited to see an old pal. We arrived perfectly on the set time and with no tinge of disfamiliarity, we talk non-stop and laugh with all our stories, seemingly we just see each other yesterday.

I enjoyed the moment. I listen to her stories: college times, distant past, near present and of the moment. Friendship, family, career, love and so on. Somehow It's like having a session with psychotherapist where I get to express myself, dig my subconscious and just totally breathe out everything. Aside from the extra bonus where I get to learn a lot from her stories and experiences.

We departed at around 3pm, say goodbyes and kisses. A short friendly encounter but it made a day very sensible and meaningful. That, in an idle day like that, you can call a friend, talk and listen to stories, and that will brighten up even the most weakest day. Thankz Avec I will remember you always:) See you soon...I'll cross the bridge when I get there...you know what I mean:)


  1. its nice to be with real friends from time to time.. hearing and listening to them, there stories and laughter is such a comfort.. this is a nice read.. thanks man!