Cafs and Nics + good music?

“It’s really been awhile my blog, -my nutshell, my subconscious, my unconscious.”

I never regret. 

I spent some days and nights nicotining and cafeinating…my usual words for smoking while dosing myself with my favorite companion –coffee. I like the feelings when my veins begin to constrict, a very good indication of a strong coffee and pure nicotine contents on my pipes.

My heart begins to beat faster than usual. T’was euphoric, another entity of myself. Caffeine and nicotine…just a perfect marriage so I can touch a star and kiss the sky.

“ Cafs, nics and good music…they might relax you or make you think more…” ~IH.

I am sure about cafs and nics…but a good music? Somehow makes you happy or drowns you even more to death.

And like my cup of coffee…no matter how I wanted it sweet, the pungent still stick on my tongue and eventually cramps on my gastric lining.

Life could be easy that way, things that would just be buried on silence, unspoken and unshown...

Cafs and nics...? Resulted me to fear. Fear to gain and to lose...just then I realized I never have to lose...I can still gain in different ways.

Not all nights are the same. Like some of those old nights, I just wanted to sleep and repress everything, dream of the things that somehow I wanted to make real…but one thing for sure I will never be alone…as long as I have those scattered pennies that will cost me my coffee and smoke….

might be better than those things that cost me my soul...


  1. A very good read. And we also share the same habit...only I oftentimes replace coffee with coke. :-)
    Sometimes, I'd rather have them as my companion [esp at nights] than people. Hahaha. No idle moments...no small talks.

  2. Thankz Cigs...t'was some of my most useful habit lol...coke is kinda great too with smoke...this might be the one of my grungest posts ehehe...