I found this tainted paper out of my college files. I wanted to trash some of the papers I won't be using anymore, I wanted to create new space for new files, then I found my essay application for college. And it goes like this:

“At the end what is important are not the things that you get, but what you’ve become as a person.” A simple yet so important adage and thus, what I always stand on. I am a man working on progress, everyday is an opportunity for me to believe, to learn and define myself. I make sure to be sensitive enough to see what could help me as a person whether small or big things what’s important is how they change my life, how they affect me and how they would mold me.

Life experiences are very dynamic. From infancy to my childhood until now that I am a full grown youth and almost a man I was blessed to be showered with a beautiful family and memorable experiences. The family, the relationships, the love, they have been a wonderful feeling for me, they were my first foundation, and they give me all the chances and capabilities of loving others because I believe I have them.
My graduation from the primary level made me more enthusiastic to explore my world. My life’s perspective had been different. I foresee myself who I will become in the future, aside from the medals and flying colors I see success, I see their smiles and I see how they have been proud of me. And this stage of my life defines me as one more of a dreamer and idealistic, and since then I start believing I can do things and I can make my dreams come true.
This school year I ran for Student Supreme Council as President, and I won. This gave me the ability to compete and strive more. My strength was tested and I was able to measure how perseverant I am. I’ve learned that the other side of winning is losing, and either way you have to deal with it. I became more powerful inside thinking that I could believe more with myself. I have been responsive to my limitations and boundaries and I called it RESPONSIBILITY.
I got to work with my schoolmates and I’ve learned rapport and camaraderie. I’ve learned to speak and more so, to listen, to fathom every advice coming from my educators, thus, I found the magnificent gift of submission and humbleness.
I am a keen observer. I believe by doing that I could learn some more. I believe everyday is a story to tell. There are times that seemingly I can no longer go on because of the tests and hardships in life but these thing make me kneel down and converse with God and I believe they are there to test my soul and to loosen up myself a little bit more and find God more and more than before, thus, they define my spirituality.
Like blessings, they don’t have to be big to be called one. Sometimes life’s lessons burst forth out of a single tear and simple smile. Every day I allow myself to become better, and each day experiences define me as person. Happiness, love, God, relationships; I believe for years now they have been my source of strength, they weren’t there when I was born but I found them on the course of my journey. I am contented maybe that’s why I can smile everyday but I never stop dreaming thinking that I can do better each time. In the next more years of my life I would welcome more of these defining moments of my life and I believe I CAN.
Time runs fast. I miss my young mind. I never touch any word of this essay, I wanted to read it always like how it was: idealistic; naive; innocent and free but antique in its own essence. It reminds me of who I was before and it just make me laugh. Surely, I won't be trashing it.

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  1. this was a nice post.. and its good ur standing by that quote. :)