Yesterday, me, Dimchee and some friends and cousins went to Eastwood. It has been months now since we last saw each other. We used to spend time together going to coffee shops, joy riding, bowling, eating, singalong and doing things that the usual group of friends does in the city. But not seeing each other for couple of months now doesn’t give us the tinge of disfamiliarity. We talk nonstop and laugh with each other.

We dined at Dampa, t’was actually my third time here from an unknown time now but as far as I can remember I enjoy everything about this restaurant, the sea food galore where you will buy all your favorite sea creatures fresh from a small market, pay them and choose among diverse recipes on how you want the sea foods to be cooked. T’was fast, in just a few minutes we’ve got Buttered Shrimp, Calamares and Sweet and Sour Spicy Crabs and of course our favorite Chow Pan Rice.

We ate, we laughed, we talked and we teased each other. Dimchee talked a lot about showbiz and teased almost every one of us. He even made a little reminiscing about their childhood, because Rich and Tin almost grew up with him together, he is much younger though. There will never be a dull moment with him and that’s why we love him. We talked about Tin getting married at the end of this year, we even teased her if she’s really ready for that transition and we know she is. I must know because I am their wedding planner lol.

Rich shared to us some confidential facts she just found out about her life. This really concerned her but the good thing is she’s taking it in a positive way. And we understand her, and I really pray the she gets to deal with it and she’ll be able to work it out properly I could say she will pass it especially with Dyok by her side.

After the talks and laughs we decided to walk along Eastwood, took photos and just enjoy the rest of the place. T’was a lot of fun. The sea creatures where we all get fully loaded; the teasing, sharing and laughing. The night was short but inconceivably it became an avenue to feed our old friendship and love.

Rich, I understand what you feel, I am glad that finally you've known the truth and this is the only thing that will set you free. I look up to you because in spite of what you've found out about yourself, you never fret, indeed you learned to love more of what you've become and remain grateful for the love you felt from your outgrown parents, really you are born out of their kind hearts. If knowing your biological parents will make you complete, then go. Love and trust more. Dyok I know and I can see how you love Rich, for me you really are a man of love and braveness. May your love for each other victor the hardest tests of this life.

Tin, you are a sister to me. I can almost tell everything to you because I really trust you. Let's forget the bad things and move forward again to create good memories. I really thank you for everything. Finally, another milestone will come to your life with your soon to be husband Aga, may God grant you enough courage and enough love so you can do all things together. Chee, thank you for the friendship, my brother, my confidante.


  1. Friendship and love. My two favorite topics. Sometimes you can't distinguish between the two.


  2. you're right, friendship and love are two of my most favorite things on my existence...thanks for the visit ficklecattle....:)