a REASON for everything

I left home to go somewhere I can breathe, my past days are getting a bit better after the horrible period where I felt like I barely know how to be happy again, yeah I am happy being with Dimchee no doubt he is the only person I will going to spend the rest of my life with, ("sure na," as what JD said) and the only one I can't really live without....there are times that I just wanted to walk or perhaps run til I get tired where I get to breathe out all the bad things I have gone through. I am walking inside Robinson's galleria, random people, random thoughts and the noise of the vehicle passing around the stretch of the city. I grabbed my favorite takuyuki which me and Dimchee used to enjoy, my appetite didn't seem to satisfy that's why I got a chicken burger from KFC and a soda...I sat down in some free seating chairs beside the supermarket, I see people, laughing, talking, some are totally blunt and no one could ever say what they feel inside. I kept walking, thinking and living. The mall is about to close and Ton didn't confirm yet about our meeting, I grabbed a cup of coffee at the Gloria Jeans and the smell of cappuccino is such a breath of fresh air...now I am writing. It's funny how life's transitions can be that hard sometimes it’s like the transition between Sunday and Monday or the transition from a long holidays and suddenly, good morning Manila, I got work today. Nicz and cafz the most inexpensive companions I ever had this night they never fail to comfort me, life is sometimes amazingly horrible but most of the time it’s amazingly awesome, I bet. Amidst the trouble and pain there are always reasons, if not to laugh but to smile just to take a brake and realize how beautiful life still is. Katy Perry is in the background...fireworks playing. I am imagining these installed Christmas lights along the side of street like fireworks…I don't know but I feel so much better now seemingly something good is going to happen, everything has a purpose and I always believe that if bad things happened and screwed you up, soon you will find out that they happened to serve a good or sometimes a better purpose.


  1. "soon you will find out that they happened to serve a good or sometimes a better purpose." patience needed if you dont see it yet..

  2. Good for you that you are getting along with your life.

    There would really be times in our lives that we would feel there's no one for us but like you said WE HAVE NO ONE BUT GOD.

    And I agree with what you said about contentment, sometimes it's not just about pursuing happiness, sometimes all it takes to be happy is to be contented.