Yesterday I went out to unwind, after an exacting days of drama and emotional torture in all aspects of life, now I'm perky. It helps a lot to be alone sometimes and find time to see my self but not necessarily lonely. I got a good massage, I grabbed a tumbler of pop corn and soda and went at the movie house, I feel relieved again I never wanted to lose the idea that my happiness is just really simple and aside from reuniting with myself once in awhile I always treasure the thought that the most important things in life are people, people dear to us and people who value and love us. Yesterday I also dropped by to church and whisper some simple prayers...I ask God to visit me in my dreams and be with me in my prayer and talk to me in silence...He's the only one I can lean on for everything and I thank Him for that. I am on the process of mastering this life soon I will carry on, and bit by bit, little by little this too shall pass.

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