common SENSE > bullets

I don’t really pride myself critically critiquing the government. Aside from getting browned off, I couldn’t just get fed up more with its system. But its latest folly has just been manifested last night on the hostage crisis at the Quirino Grand Stand.

Now, I want to pound my opinion to what has just happened. And I want to make it fast and furious.(uhmm...soundslike the movie) And I would like to make it less subversive.

I don’t really condone Mendoza to what he has done, but I can't imagine how illogical and lack of instinct the SWAT has done...releasing tear gas inside the shuttle will definitely risk the lives of the hostages...do they have extra sense for foreseeable crises? Do all bullets that killed most of the hostages came from Mendoza? Or some came from the snipers? After all common sense is still one of my most favorite things on my existence. And the least are bullets.

The entire Philippines needs stress debriefing after this improvised trauma. And our policemen and member of the AFP which is by the way called the Manila’s finest need to bring with them their “sentido common” everyday, not that they also flash it at their lavatory with their f****n shit.

Anyway, welcome back to the Philippines Mr. Lacson. And to P-NOY I would like to quote Mr. Chan, "we don't hate."



  1. it was a sad day to be a filipino.

  2. I am not sad being a Filipino, but im Proud because i am a Filipino, pls be sensible fellow pilipinos stop saying bad words about our goverment because we also didnt do anything to stop that crisi, its just a PAGSUBOK we should not let our country be down.......I am still proud i am a FILIPINO....watever happens.....

  3. to anonymous: i respect your stand regarding this matter...