It was a minute, eight months, and four years now since I found you
A land where I’ve never been to before
And I never expect to see even in my vivid dreams
You’re a fantasy and now became a reality
Everything I see is beautiful
Your blue sky that covers with the whitest clouds
I can almost touch it
It is a mirror that shows my reflection
And it always tells me that I’m beautiful and strong
Your sun never tires to rise
It guides me, it lights me and it smiles at me
Then I can feel that I can do everything
Your flowers never cease to bloom
They are colorful, they dance and they are stunning
They color you as much as they color me
Your grasses are greener more than I can imagine
I lay-down and close my eyes
My troublesome heart is healed
And my cares and worries faded away
The rain falls and the stream flows heavily
But I still want to stay with you
I see you struggle with God’s given trials
Like any other land I found before
But I still found you the most beautiful place on earth
At my darkest night your stars and moon light me up
I will lay-down with wind whispering me your songs
They are soft lullabies, they caress me and they console my soul
I fell asleep with your bossom

Feeling your tight embrace that eases the cold of the night
The midnight dew that wets me
I can feel you kissing me and touching me
And loving me…

Whenever I’m here I never feel alone
I miss no one and I never wanted anyone
Just this land,
I found everything,
I found love,
And I will never leave you,
my beautiful land,
my love...
my DN...

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  1. only a person in love can write such a heartfelt piece. keep it up and stay strong. more challenges would come yet they should only serve as opportunities to make your love grow.