People in our life seem like vehicles that passing by, vanishing and leaving. When lucky you can have them stop to provide colors and smiles even if at the end the truth is they just really stop over. 

There are things that can just easily go unexplained. It’s the easiest way to avoid taxing amount of hurt and pain that the situation can bring forth. Sometimes it’s not “goodbye,” but “good luck,” not “I don’t love you anymore”, but “I love you that’s why I am doing this.”

Its been awhile since the last time I’ve thought of writing about this. I know I have the right perspective but somehow the courage is not there if I found out at the end that I made the wrong decision. Well thank you for the fast traversing time, now I can finally write it with no regrets at all, only good memories.

I don’t know if everybody would understand what I am writing here but I believe someone in the universe will do. I bet.

People leave not because they stop to care, maybe if given the time to explain everything I would have made my point. I just thought that during that time explaining things is not the best thing to do nor it would make things lighter and better.

When people left us and we don’t know the reasons, we start looking for reasons but no one can verify them and can confirm them even ourselves but only those who left. We are apprehensive, confused and our world seemed totally fucked up.

There is a fine line between friendship and love, a fine line between friendship and romance and super fine line between romance and companionship.

I wish it could have been more about friendship and companionship, I believe it would be better that way.

People come and go. They leave marks to our lives. They leave us with special lessons and though they are gone they will never be forgotten. Someday they might pass by and stop over again but it might not be the same again.


  1. "People come and go". There are like an entrance and exit- they just come and go.

  2. Thank you Teddie for dropping by:]

  3. Maybe it wasn't really a stopover, maybe it was just a one-way road at the moment... then the road split. But whatever, the fuel's still far from running out :)

  4. Perfect point Arlet thank you for dropping by and for the follow did the same as well..keep blogging:)