HAUNTED p a s t


Past is past. Don't dwell on it. Old overuse cliche' but never ceases to prove its truthfullness. The other side of the coin says, life can only be understood backward but must be lived forward...maybe you can stop remembering the past...buried it on our unconsciousness, thats the only way to defend ourselves of those ...dreadful encounters. After all past or present, what matters is our state of mind. Emotions are immortal, they salvage the past, the now and the future. They are stimulants, they trigger our indepth seat of emotions, we react on them, we lose control. We laugh, we cry, we hate, we forgive and still...we love. Whether past, present or future what's important is what we become after and while facing them.





  1. "After all past or present, what matters is our state of mind."

    But doesn't the past affect our present state of mind?

  2. definitely KANE,,,whether past or present, even future....can affect us but what matters is what we become out of these experience...