There is an angel named "Ondoy"

September 26, 2009.

We needed blood. I asked the doctor if somebody from the family could give including me. She said that’s not possible this time. We need to get two blood components as soon as possible, she added.

I immediately ran at the house grabbed the car key and as composed as I am I sprinted into the car with kuya Mon (the father) start the engine and raced at listed hospitals. I know I am strong and If I’m not, this time I have to muster all the strength I could possibly use.

I have to save a life.

It was really dark outside. I could see only few vehicles running along the roads. I’ve seldom see the Metropolitan Manila this empty and dark due to massive power disruption. The only time that the city gets really calm is whenever Manny Pacquio has a fight. Not to mention the low crime rate and you get to enjoy the whole length of EDSA. And most of all the busy city gets to rest even just for a moment. I barely see the road. My windshield almost sightless because of the heavy rain. I couldn’t stop. I have to keep going. I am more than this typhoon.

I already have this map on my mind of the two hospitals where I will buy the blood. I planned my way already first to PCMC Philippines Children Memorial Hospital and I have to go rightly after to National Kidney for another blood component.
I was able to passed out of Bago Bantay and Pag-asa,inspite of the flooded road. I was taken aback when I saw how flooded Mindanao Avenue is, I stop for a tick. The highway is dark. I can only see blinking hazards. This is the only way aside from Project 6 which is now crammed full with motionless vehicles. Back home I was warned already by a kasambahay that the news said, people are warned to stay home and I’m already aware that thousands of people are now already trapped, some vehicles float along the flood and some communities are now drowning and people if not on the evacuation centers they just stay at their roof.

I released the break, pushed the gas and I started running. I risked not only the automatic engine of the car but also the possibility that I could get stuck at the flood anytime if my engine fails. I made it. Along North Avenue I already counter flowed going to Agham Road and finally I’ve made it to PCMC.

I parked the car and left kuya Mon there so I could run fast and be more mobile. I paced along the poorly lit lobby of the hospital heading at their blood bank department. I gave the Doctor’s order and they are now preparing fast as per my request. I‘m alert, I’m thinking of the next thing to do. I don’t know If can still make it to the next hospital. The typhoon is worst. Roads are no longer passable. The flood is uncontrollable. I asked the medical technologist if I could just get the other blood component from them. He asked me what blood component? This is the only time I will read the order. Fresh whole blood I said. We don’t have fresh whole blood sir but we have whole blood, he replied. I paused. I remember on the nursing school on my Anatomy and Physiology I’ve learned these blood components. And my Pathophysiology equipped me more. I couldn’t just believe more if the one who made the blood order is under skilled or a complete idiot that amidst the raging typhoon he will order a fresh whole blood which means apparently freshly extracted from the veins, warm and fresh.

I took all the blood orders from PCMC including the whole blood, not the fresh just the whole blood but will deliver the same effect.

I wanted to fly along the road. I prayed. And sometimes miracles are not so obvious. Sometimes seemingly you are hypnotized that things just coming your way favorably. I used the same way and I’ve made it fast.

I gave the blood to the Doctor. I sat down and breathe relentlessly. I closed my eyes. I can hear heavy rain and thunders outside. My adrenalin slowly deactivates and my every fiber of muscle is relaxing. I can now feel myself. My brain is working and now its recalling from my subconscious what has just happened earlier.

It was early morning when my sister complained of regular contractions associated with pain and I know that in Obstetrics that’s already part of the three real signs of labor: blood; ruptured BOW or Bag Of Water and regular interval of contraction. We immediately rushed her at the nearby hospital. We never had the luxury of choosing other hospitals far from us because Super Typhoon Ondoy is already flooding the whole city. After almost 5 hours of labor the doctor told us that the baby got distressed and they need to do caesarian section. We agreed. After few minutes. A miracle happened and a baby boy came out. But the mother lost a huge amount of blood.

The baby was named Ram Gabriel but the first time I saw him at the nursery of the hospital I don’t know but I just called him Ondoy. Out of the rampage of the Typhoon Ondoy burst forth an angel. And every body now in the family use to call him Ondoy. Although he had to stay couple of days at the NICU because he needed a little attention but he came home so healthy.
at nine months with his deciduous teeth

the typhoon can burst forth smiles

Now baby Ondoy is already eleven-month-old. He brings joy and light inside the family, every time we call him we never remember anymore the tragic typhoon but the angel who burst forth out of it.

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