love AND ITS absurdity

Love has many colors.

It doesn’t go the way we see it...illusion...very tricky in millions of undreamed ways. 

Sometimes we think its easy to fall in love…maybe its true, but the hard thing is to keep it not because love fades but because love has its own price. 

The difference between mutual understandings, flings or whatever you call it, is that true love perseveres, it never gets tired, sometimes even though you are tired you keep on telling yourself that you can still work it out, it never hates cause it manages to make the hateful things loveable…there are times that seemingly you can no longer on but you never admit it for this constant reason…-love.

Only the brave ones last the battle of a real relationship. 


Might be some sort of  painful and hard way to put it. But its true. You battle towards giving up and giving in. Loving yourself a bit more or just give it all to that person. A battle between what you've been and what you've become as a person in a relationship. You battle everyday. You discover everyday. You hate and get hurt everyday and like a faithful soldier you get wounded but you keep going on because everyday...you love.

You lost, you gain. You wake up one morning looking for yourself, because somehow you're entirely a different person. You compromise even your most founded principles. You never care. You just love.


I don't even know if we are capable of using this term.

"Never regret a thing that was once made you happy," goes the sublime axiom.

Never regret, might be so unfair because that maybe the only thing you can do to console yourself but it so true...never ever regret.

Love. Absurd.

You chase it non-stop.

I wonder what a simple four-letter-word yet so powerful, it drives you crazy, it makes you happy, it keeps you living...yet it still hurts you.


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